FOCUS ON HIGHER ORDER THINKING Work Area Katie said, "Negative numbers are integers." What was Explain the Error her error?

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step explanation:Consider the provided information.Integers: Integers are the set of whole number and the negatives of the natural numbers, i.e, … ,-2, -1, 0, 1, 2,...Rational number: A number   is said to be rational, if it is in the form   of p/q. Where p and q are integer and   denominator is not equal to 0.The decimal expansion of rational numbers may terminate or become periodic. Irrational   number: A number is irrational if it cannot   be expressed be expressed by dividing two   integers. The decimal expansion of   Irrational numbers are neither terminate nor   periodic. Now consider the provided statement "Negative numbers are integers." The statement is incorrect as all negative numbers are not integers they might be rational number or irrational numbers.For example: -2.5 is a negative number but it is not an integer. The number is a rational number.Hence, her statement is incorrect. She can say that all negative whole numbers are integers.