PLEASE HELP ASAP!!Hudson is performing an experiment by tossing a paper cup into the air and recording how it lands. He determines that there are three possible outcomes for how the cup will land: on its top, on its bottom, or on its side. He is curious if the three outcomes are equally likely. The table below shows the results of Hudson's experiment.Outcome: Top Bottom Side Frequency:4125A. What is the approximate probability that on the next toss, the paper cup will land on its top? On its bottom? On its side? Express each answer as a percentage.B. From the results of Hudson's experiment, do the three outcomes appear to be equally likely? Explain your reasoning using complete sentences.

Accepted Solution

Answer:See explanation Step-by-step explanation:A. Β P(top)=top outcomes/all kinds of outcomes=4/30=2/15=13.33333333333...%P(bottom)=bottom outcomes/ all kinds of outcomes=1/30=3.33333333....%P(side)=25/30=5/6=83.33333333333...%B. No. If were equally likely, the probabilities for A would have been roughly the same. It seems like the side event is more probable.