Rory is staying in a cabin on a hill 300 feet above sea level. She walks down the hill to the water’s edge. The equation of her average change in elevation over time is e = 300 – 10t, where t is the time in minutes since she left the cabin, and e is her elevation with regard to sea level. Which values are viable points, and what are their values in the table relating t and e?

Accepted Solution

Answer and Step-by-step explanation: As per the given situation we have following equation e = 300 - 10t The elevation and the time can not be in the minus = t ≥ 0 and e ≥ 0 As per the provided equation, beginning at the time which is t = 0 while elevation which represents e = 300 whereas at the top, when elevation = 0 So time will be t = 30 minutes Therefore, The viable points will be (0 , 30) and (300 , 0)