What is the equation of a line that is parallel to the line 2x+5y=10 and passes through the point (-5,1)? Check all that apply.

Accepted Solution

Answer:y=-2/5 x -1 (It says check all that apply... I hope this equation hasn't been written in a different form in your choices-let me know)Step-by-step explanation: Rearrange 2x+5y=10 into slope-intercept form.First step: Subtract 2x on both sides:  5y=-2x+10Second step: Divide both sides by 5 giving: y=-2/5 x+2The slope is -2/5.Parallel lines have the same slope.So we know the equation of our new line is in the form y=-2/5 x+b.We need to find the y-intercept of our line... let's just use the point they have our line going through to find it. Plug in and solve for b.1=-2/5 (-5)+b1=2+b-1=bSo the equation is y=-2/5 x -1