What is the height of a student who’s z score is 3? When the mean is 49 inches and the standard deviation is 2

Accepted Solution

Answer:55 inchesStep-by-step explanation:This question is on z-score for a sampleThe general formula for finding z score for a sample is;z=(x-μ)/δ...................where x is the sample is the height , μ is the mean and δ is the standard deviationGiven;z=3       x=?      μ=49     δ=2Substitute values above in the general formulaez=(x-μ)/δ3=(x-49)/2[tex]3=\frac{x-49}{2} \\\\\\3*2=x-49\\\\\\6=x-49\\\\\\6+49=x\\\\\\55=x[/tex]